29 March 2008

Still Waiting for My Smackdown

I made the girls some apples with cinnamon sugar today. They were in a bickering mood, about anything, or nothing, whichever presents itself.

Matilda: Mom, you didn't make our apples the same.

Freya: Yeah, they're not the same.

Me: Well, you better report me to the Higher Authority then. That's a serious offense.

Matilda: What Higher Authority?

Me: God. Just say the word, I'm sure He'll pop right down here to give me a smackdown for not making your plates of apples look exactly identical.

There is a slight pause.

Freya: God.

She looks very pleased with herself.

Freya: I said it.


andi said...

So did he come down, then? You're killing me with the suspense here. :)

Maureen said...

I love me some apples with cinnamon sugar.... mmmmmm....

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

I'm curious what God told Freya?? Maybe to eat her apples and cinnamon and be glad it isn't boogers and worms?