10 March 2008

Learning to be Sneaky

She's trying, but Freya just doesn't have the hang of it yet.

Exhibit A

I'm working at the computer in the living room, Freya's watching a Sesame Street DVD (the old school episodes from the late 70s, they are so cool) in the bedroom. She finishes and come and stands next to me, silent.

Me: What's up? Is your movie over?

Freya: You didn't put the top on my juice tight enough.

On my bed, a dark oval stains the comforter, soaked all the way down to the mattress. Way to offer an excuse before the crime was discovered, kid.

Exhibit B

Upon returning home from Boston yesterday I went to clean out the books, papers and crayons strewn about the backseat of the car. There on the floor I discovered roughly twenty brown elastic hair bands identical to the ones our Boston host, Riva, had in her bathroom.

I confront the culprit.

Me: Freya, did you take these from Riva's apartment?

Freya: No, I only needed one.

Exhibit C

Freya has just used the toilet. I wash my hands and start to leave the bathroom. Freya steps up to the sink.

Freya: I have to wash my hands.

Me: Okay.

I stay in the bathroom, I know better than to leave her there. She gives me a pointed look.

Freya: I need some privacy.

Me: So you can use too much soap?

Freya: Yes.


Annika said...

HA! She's getting there. The soap is my favorite - I like to think that she was thinking, "Mom will just never see honesty coming."

Misty said...

SOOO Cute...
but just wait...

She'll get there. The "I didn't do it's" for juice stains, and such, will drive you up the wall!

jennifer said...

Oh don't worry! She'll pick up sneakiness from her school friends one day! At least that's how I learned to be sneaky!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...


I love it when kids tell on themselves. Payton still does it sometimes, Parker never does.

Amy said...

It's so funny when they do this! My daughter came home from school one day and Shark was standing outside her bedroom door. Immediately he says, "I didn't take your money."

Hee hee!

andi said...

She's hilarious.

I have my own little sneak over here. She keeps telling me that she's done her cereal so she can have some juice. If I ask her to show me the bowl, she refuses. When I finally look in the bowl, you know it's filled with cereal. She'll look me straight in the face and say, "See? It's all gone."

Maureen said...

Well, selective honesty is better than NO honesty at all, isn't it?

Then again, maybe not. ;)

Jen said...

Ha! I love it. The soap one is my favorite.

Stepherz said...

Oh! I'm laughing here. What a silly girl. The soap part is Bella to a T!

And I love the old school Sesame Street. It was so much cooler back then.