24 March 2008

This House

One of the things we need to figure out what to do with is our house.

I love our house. Sure it's small (912 sq ft) but it fits us just right, with enough room that we can be together or apart as much as we need.

We bought it just under two years ago, when the market was high, not quite peak, but close, and now that the market is plummeting, we're not sure what to do next.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to selling and also to renting. If we sold it we wouldn't have to worry about it, but if we rented it we would have it to come back to. If we sold it we would be able to buy something bigger in Missouri, but if we rented, well, we'd like to sell it, we just don't know if we can. I think if the damn media would just shut up about the economy for five minutes we'd be fine, or at least better.

Every time I think about the amount of work involved in selling my heart drops to the pit of my stomach for a second, but then I set my jaw and swallow. I will do what has to be done. My mother has done this nearly a dozen times, preparing a home for sale, often with her brood of children undoing her work as she did it. (Sorry, Mom.) I can do it too. I will just make the children play outside all day, and then chain them to the television when the weather's bad. Nothing wrong with that, right?


Carrie Sue said...

Cute, cute house! Good luck selling ~ it's such a chore.

Misty said...

i love your house!!! we lost our house in the market and are quite bitter so I wish you the most honest of luck!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

I agree that the media needs to shut up and things would get better. I really detest the news. I next to never watch it, but yet even then it's like it's inescapable!

Adorable house! I would try to sell it, though I know what a pain it is to have one on the market with two young kids.

Cathy said...

Love the house. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Prepping to sell is a pain. Of course, so are some renters!

Amy said...

Oh gosh it's cute! I love the kitchen cabinets and that gingerbread over the doorway.

And yes, they should shut up already about the housing thing.

Stepherz said...

What an adorable home! I think you'll find a buyer with no problems. It's something I would love if I were moving to your area-- quaint, full of character. Our home isn't much bigger and we do wonderfully!

Best wishes, Nell. I know how stressful moving/selling a home/starting back to school can be. Here's to getting your asking price in the first month on the market!

andi said...

I love your house! Sort of reminds me of mine. Good luck getting it ready for sale - just thinking about all the work involved in that is making me never want to move.

Jen said...

You're house is so adorable, I bet you would have no problem selling it. The good news is (what my real estate guy told me) is that smaller homes are still selling. It's the bigger McMansion type homes that are sitting on the market forever. Good luck with whatever you decide!