20 March 2008

Dear Blue Fish,

How I have missed you. Your rubbed off keys, unreadable except by me (and expert secretaries) - the e, the a, the s and t and c.

Your small screen, with the spacing that reminds me why I've always preferred college ruled notebooks, so much more refined than the large type screens of other computers. You don't need to be loud, or bold; you are smooth and confident.

I know you, I know your bookmarks and your quirky ways, your Mac-only applications, your familiar icons and document titles: np12.pdf, mornings.doc, set3.gif.

How I missed your little red elephant sticker next to the mouse pad and the places where Freya drew on your back with a Sharpie. But most of all I missed your weight on my legs, the ability to work in my bed, papers spread to my left, a glass of water on the table to my right, and you on my lap where you belong.

Blue Fish, I'm glad you're back.

Love, Nell.


andi said...

Yay! It's back from the computer hospital.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Yay! I'm glad too!

Stepherz said...

Awww! I'm glad he's all better.