16 March 2008

writing notes - 3/16/08, 7:10 AM

Once again I am feeling like I don’t know where to go from here, but the fact remains that I must go somewhere. Kelly’s relationship with her father feels less important with the current outline than it did before with him giving her the case, then taking it away.

Maybe I’m ready to go for it again, but take it chapter by chapter this time, as if I had something to lose, shape each piece separately, carefully, craftily.

I want to keep the prologue more or less as-is, and the first chapter can retain a similar shape as well. With the exception that I no longer want Kelly to be a first person narrator. The first person bits should be only Alana’s journal as Kelly reads and should not begin until several chapters into the book.

Structure is something to think about. The story will be mostly linear, with the exception of the excerpts from Alana’s journal, pages, sections, scribbles.

Today I will take a look at the first few chapters of what I have and see what needs to be done to them in relation to the outline. I will sketch out the first few chapters as I want them to evolve and begin work on them tomorrow morning, or maybe sooner since sitting down to a blank computer page first thing in the morning might just be a terrible idea.


andi said...

Thinking about writing a novel makes my head spin. You are truly an inspiration to me.

Misty said...

I am at that place. Well, similar. I am rethinking some of the choices I made for a few characters. I thought that's where my character's were headed, but...