12 June 2008

Olfactory Hallucinations?

Maybe that's all it is, because right now I keep smelling vomit and I'm pretty sure there hasn't been any of that around here in months, but yesterday Steve smelled like cigarettes for some reason. So I told him so.

"You smell like cigarettes."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do."

"Fine, you smell like crack rocks."

Insert feigned indignation. "I do not. What do crack rocks even smell like? Do they have a smell? I do not!"

In the kitchen. "Girls, Daddy says I smell like crack rocks."

Freya, deadpan. "You do smell like crack rocks."

And she knows this how?


Jen said...

After everything you've written about Freya, nothing would suprise me about her. Um, not that I think she smokes crack, just that I suspect that after you go to sleep at night she's got this second life where she's a superhero/stand-up comedian/romance novelist/pirate.

Amy said...

Ha! Freya kills me! That is too funny.

She says said...

Hmm, heightened olfactory senses... perhaps preggers?

Krista said...

I might have to go with She... pregnant?

Stepherz said...

Hilarious! That's awesome! Sounds like some of the silly commentary between Jeremy and I. And Freya is so bright and witty!

And the first thing I thought was "she's pregnant" followed by an "Nahhhhh. Graduate school = birth control."

Stepherz said...

Did I say commentary? Durr. I meant dialogue. I should probably go to bed before I say something else that makes it hard to believe I have a bachelors IN ENGLISH!

andi said...

Classic. And crack rocks do have a smell - this from a woman who's husband is surrounded by crack smokers every day.

And you are SO NOT pregnant. Right?

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

I'm going to look like a total idiot here, but after my trip to the country, the bumpkin is coming out in me.

What the heck are crack rocks?

Please enlighten me. I feel totally stupid and hick-ish.