16 June 2008

skadoosh and other awesomeness

Things are good here at casa de root-mccabe. The house is clean for the first time in weeks, the lawn no longer looks like a tick sanctuary, and last night we went to see Kung-Fu Panda, which was totally awesome. If you have kids, take them to see it, and if you don't, just go already.

It was nice to have a day of familiness, because as great as the Cape was, there's still nothing quite like just hanging out at home, doing house stuff, making food together, not thinking so much about tomorrow or next month, just doing what needs to be done now. Steve didn't get the spoiling he deserved for father's day, but I'll make it up to him (I promise, honey).

Speaking of tomorrow, I registered for classes last week, all except for one which I need instructor permission for. I'll get it, I'm not worried, but you need a little code to enter online and that I do not have. I will be taking an 18th century British literature course, a writing workshop, and a course on experimental fiction about which I am more than a little excited (we'll be reading Barthelme! Barthelme!). We also heard from the graduate housing people so we now know for sure that we will have a place to sleep when we get there. We still might not be able to afford to move all of our crap, but at least we'll have a floor to sleep on with textbooks backpacks as our pillows.

The adventure is moving forward. It's still abstract. It still feels far away. But slowly, slowly, I can feel the wheels beginning to turn.


Misty said...

I love good family days, good family moments. Quality family movies...

I imagine you get my drift.

Cathy said...

How exciting!!