21 July 2008

And Here's Why

Today was something of a roller coaster. First Steve took the girls down with him to work, where they had a sitter in the morning, and were then going to spend the afternoon at my parents'. I had a lovely and childless and productive day all planned.

But Tilly threw up in the car. So plans changed.

As Steve brought them back here I tried to do all of my going-out errands, but failed. Tilly was fine for the rest of the day, no idea why there was puke, but glad there has been no more. Then I went online to reserve a moving truck, a process that should have taken five minutes but in fact took upwards of two frustrating hours.

By the time 2pm rolled around I was cranky and pissed off. I was hating everyone and everything. Stupid sick kids, stupid freaking truck that's too big, stupid stuck at home, stupid everything.

But then two good things happened, Steve decided to take the rest of the afternoon off and brought me coffee ice cream bars, and I found a coupon code online to save 25% off a truck rental which totally made everything better. I love the internets. And I love Steve. Also I love coffee ice cream bars.

I then finished my errands at a leisurely pace, making sure to take my time strolling though Target's beautiful aisles and breathing slowly and calmly. I returned home to dinner being cooked, folded laundry and beer, what could be better?

Well, then I looked up the books for my courses (which begin in just over a month - yay!) and I love them all. I am taking a writing workshop, which has no required texts, an experimental fiction course, for which I already own three of the ten texts, and a course on rhetorics and poetics, which thankfully has only five required texts, none of which I have and which are all probably over 500 pages, but still, there are only five, and for that I am grateful. I am so ready to go back to school. It's going to be great. Hard work? Yes, but fucking brilliant.

I am now trying very hard not to think about all of the things that didn't get done today. Such as work. Which must now be squeezed into tomorrow. Oh well, soon I will immerse myself in academia and be happy, for now I can tread water and try to keep on packing.


andi said...

Fucking brilliant indeed. I'm so excited for you - about school, not about puking kids, of course.

Anonymous said...

Your classes sound incredible! I am SO JEALOUS. *sigh* I miss school.

Stepherz said...

Oh, yes. Dinner cooked, laundry folded, beer? Lucky you.

Your classes sound amazing! I'm so excited for you.

Stepherz said...

Oh, yes. Dinner cooked, laundry folded, beer? Lucky you.

Your classes sound amazing! I'm so excited for you.