03 July 2008

That baby should have a hat!

The girls and I spent the morning at a local playground yesterday with my friend Sheela and her beautiful babies. We stayed for almost three hours and had a lovely morning; I got to hold four-month-old Fiona, who is so small and beautiful, and I didn't think about work or the move or anything.
Towards the end of the morning Sheela and I were chatting with another mom (whose daughter attended Freya's preschool, but on a different schedule than Freya, in fact they shared the same cubby) and talk turned to nosy and/or snotty strangers who try to tell you how to raise your children. While I am a relatively young parent, this other mother is a bit older and said she never had to deal with many strangers telling her what to do when her children were babies. I on the other hand was approached by multiple random strangers (all women) when Matilda was a baby, who would say charming things like, "How old are you? You don't look old enough to have a baby." Total strangers!

And then I heard one of the best stories I've heard in a long time and so I'm going to share it with you now. The other mom had a friend who was white, married to an African-American man and they had several children. She had brought her children to the park one day and was sitting, holding the baby and chatting.

Another mom turned to her and said, "Your baby is beautiful. What country is he from?"

Stunned, the woman said the only thing she could think of, "Um, my uterus."

"Oh," replied the other mom, "where is that?"

The best part? She was serious. I mean, come on. Really?


Annika said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, that is so good.

Now I just need deeeeeep breathes because I am angry all over again about the nasty man who hatted me at the farmer's market last year.

Amy @ Milk Breath and Margaritas said...

OMG. That is worthy of Jay Walking (ever seen that on The Tonight Show?).

I love the name Fiona.

I has Sugarplum when I was 22 and all her LIFE and to this very day I get "OH MY GOD you look TOO YOUNG to have a child that age!!!" You'd think I was knocked up at 13 the way people react.

Jen said...

Man, some people are too stupid to be let outside.

A friend of mine (who is white) has a three year old son who she adopted through the foster case system. Her little boy was born here in the US but he is Korean. People ask my friend all the time "Where's he from?" all the time. One day she explained the situation to someone (she's far more patient and forgiving about the whole thing than I would be) and the woman she was talking to said "Oh yes, those Oriental babies are so poular these days."

Like I said, some people are too stupid to be let outside.

Misty said...

people are so nosy... Seriously... If we cared as much about the goings on in our own lives, we could butt out of others.

But yeah, THAT is a priceless story.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Oh dear lord. It's rare a post makes me laugh out loud...REALLY out loud, but this one did.

my uterus.

LMAO still!