01 February 2011

snow days are to children as _____ are to zombies

As predicted, the blizzard has arrived.

It's on some kind of vindictive rampage across Missouri as if to show us just how unprepared Columbia is for, well, any weather at all really. By 2pm we'd already played Barbies, watched TV and gone outside (the girls), packed for DC and made chocolate chip cookies (me) and reached the "now what?" stage of the snowstorm.

The girls and I decided on a photo shoot to pass the time. After I did their makeup (complete with freckles for Freya at her request), they raided my jewelry box and decked themselves out in their best finery while I found working batteries for the camera.

We found a spot in Freya's room that was not too dark and got down to it.

But what began innocently (and sweetly) enough

soon became exceedingly silly,

and then things turned gleefully violent

and eventually ended, naturally enough, in a zombie attack.

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Annika said...

Best zombies ever.