23 March 2011

Spring, Birthdays, Babies and Moving Home

I'm sitting in the living room of my friend Claire's house. It's welcoming here: not too neat, a well-used kitchen, bright baby paraphernalia scattered throughout. Claire's daughter Olive is fast asleep after a walk to the Columbia Public Library (possibly the best library I've ever been lucky enough to live near). The weather has been perfect for the last few days and I'm beginning to feel excited about the next few months and then the move back to the Berkshires at the end of July.

I repainted one bookshelf and a small chest of drawers last weekend and am planning to do the kitchen chairs next. Spring! Projects! Imagining our furniture back in our old house! I remember when we moved into our house the first time how much fun it was to know that I could paint and decorate and change things however I wanted. I'm looking forward to that freedom again, even though I know it comes with having to fix things when they're broken, too.

Matilda is so excited about moving home, although her focus at the moment is on her upcoming birthday and the celebration she's planning with her friends. We're going to throw an indoor beach party with leis and pina coladas, bathing suits and flip flops. Not sure how this is all going to work just yet, but it'll be fun.

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