07 May 2011

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pillow

Matilda has her final violin recital tomorrow, after which - according to her - she will never play the violin again. In honor of this recital being a once-in-a-lifetime event, she and I went dress shopping last Thursday after school. This is the result:

There were a number of contenders for Best Dress, including several with Spring-ish flowers and bright colors that brought out her eyes, but this one won due to its superior twirling skillz.

Matilda demonstrated the twirling while I attempted to account for the slight lag in shutter speed and snap the photo when she was facing me. Then she got dizzy and called an end to the photo shoot.

After heading back inside, I attempted to take Freya's picture. As a result of the latest if-my-sister-does-it-then-I-do-the-opposite, this was the best shot I could get:

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swathi said...

luv matilda's dress.we are still at lil sis copies big sis