19 August 2011

Home at last.

Even for me, three months is a long time. And so much has happened! We've returned to our home in Pittsfield where we have been very busy cleaning and painting and unpacking, although we've found time for friends and family and swimming as well.

Our little house is just as I remembered it, with a few updates and despite being in awful shape when we first got here, is looking quite well thanks to the generous help of old friends and family members who rallied round and chipped in over the past few weeks. I've never painted every room in a house before, and despite it being a small house, my painting arm sure did get sore! I'll post some photos of the homecoming and tell you all a bit more about the journey (adventure! fun times!) and how I broke the camera at Niagara Falls because I didn't listen to Steve.

And if I owe you a phone call or a message - I will be in touch soon, I promise.



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