25 August 2007

The Lap of Luxury and Why I Deserve It

So far:

The view from the plane as we taxied into the terminal.

The view from Tim's office, lots of little houses and they look all the same!

The pool at Tim and Andrea's awesome party house. This is where I'm staying while I'm here. Plus, it comes complete with drinks and kids to play Marco Polo with. How cool is that? There's one more picture over here. The kid is way cuter than me, as you can tell, and don't ever say I never showed you how hot I am in the morning.

Now here's why I deserve all of this luxury, at least according to Cathy. I'm nice! You didn't know that did you?I used to have this whole complex about being "nice." People called me "Nice Nellie," how lame is that? Seriously. Worst adjective ever. This was why I had to drink whiskey straight from the bottle for a few years - I had a lot to prove. But now, now it is all changed. I can be nice and it's a good thing because I'm not the only one. Here's who I think is nice:

Well, Cathy for sure, but also Andi who is like my bestest virtual friend now and I'm so glad I found her. She's always thoughtful in her comments and even when her children are forcing her to pull her own hair out, she's still nice. I just know it.

Andrea, because it is about time she got herself some bling and she's not just nice in real life, her blog is nice too. Hostess extraordinaire! Andrea, I know you're ready for this, just trust me.

And of course there's Blue Momma who is very nice and even though I am new to her blog, I like her already!

Problem Girl, who invited me to join Paperback Swap so long ago and I really don't think I ever thanked her properly. (How rude.) So thanks, Jen!

And last but of course not least, Megan, whose posts about lead paint have really made the interwebs a better place. Good work, dude.

And then it gets hard because I really want to give this to everyone I read and everyone who reads me, but I can't. So that's it for now. Kisses.


Heather said...

"This was why I had to drink whiskey straight from the bottle for a few years"

ohmygawd! We're like ya-ya sisters too!

andi said...

Everytime I see that picture of Heather, I giggle.

Anyhow, I was going to say at the beginning of the post that you don't have to justify why you deserve some luxury. It's pretty obvious to me. But then, you go and make it even more obvious.

Thanks so much. I'm thrilled you think I'm "nice" (I too used to have a love/hate relationship with this adjective, but I'm starting to get over it...) Cathy mentioned me in her nice post too, and I've avoided giving it out because she (and now you) pretty much mentioned most of the nice girls I hang with on the interwebs. Plus my "nice" award posts tend to bore the snot out of people. You make it all so much more interesting.

Have a good time on the rest of your vacation.

Cathy said...

I am so jealous.

Alone time. *sigh*

Am envisioning myself sprawled by the pool, drinking a drink that is fruity but potent, lazily wondering what I will have for dinner.

At a restaurant. No cooking on vacation.

Megan/ Velveteen Mind said...

Hey! Thank you! I am rarely called "nice." Too much attitude creates a force field around me that sort of makes that adjective just bump right off. I'm glad someone thinks I can be nice!

I think I'll print this button out onto little cards and the next time someone looks at me askance like maybe I'm not nice, I can just hand them the card and say, "Look here, this says I am officially nice. I don't know what your problem is."

Now, the nice thing would be for me to pass this along. Just like I've been meaning to pass along the totally rocking new rockin' blogger button you made and gave to me. ;)

Blue Momma said...

Thanks for the Nice Matters Award! I'm still amazed that people find my blog interesting enough to read - and return to - and that you think I'm nice, too, well, that's just the icing on the cake!

I've been rockin' and now I'm nice. I'm sure glad there's not a "Well,She's Ok..." award!

Now I just need to figure out how to tell my mother someone thinks I'm nice without her figuring out I've got a blog.

Dx said...

I'm just following the "nice matters" links from Blue Mommas blogsite to see who else she's presenting awards to or getting them from. You look as if you're having a great time.