05 September 2007

Kindergarten in Bearsville

About a month ago we got a letter in the mail from Matilda's new teacher, introducing herself and telling us what to bring on the first day. In the letter she told us that her classroom is called "Bearsville" because she loves teddy bears and that each child could bring a teddy bear "friend" to school on the first day. This might sound fun to some people, but for me it raised all kinds of red flags. I started picturing an eighty-five year old teacher in a classroom full of dusty old bears and cutesy knick-knacks. Still, I feigned enthusiasm and reserved final judgment.

I went to a parent's orientation yesterday, met her teacher (who I love and who is not all ancient and weird and kitchey), met some other parents (who didn't seem very scary at all) and took a look around the school (which is super warm and welcoming and nice and small).

Then this morning I dropped Matilda off at Kindergarten. Her first day. She's so big. I know every parent probably feels this surge of pride when they get their oldest child ready on his or her first day of school, real school, kindergarten. In an hour I will go and pick her up (they have a half-day for the first month) and she is all I can think about. My big kindergarten girl.


Jen said...

Well how cute is she? Sigh, they grow up so fast!

Annie said...

A very grown up young lady.

My daughter is not yet three, and I sway between wishing she was at school already so I can have five minutes peace, to hoping that day will never come :(

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

She's just lovely. I am with Annie, somedays I can't wait for my kid to be old enough for school, other days, I can't fathom not being with him every second of every day.


Glad you'd liked the teacher!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Nell, she's beautiful!

Oh, I like the sound of your kind of kindergartens around there. A month long half days? What a great way to get them in the swing of big school. And seriously, they allowed teddies? They cut that kind of stuff out with K4 down here. Alabamer edjumaction really does suck.

Can I move in with you?

Blue Momma said...

What a cutie! I used to with mine would get older and now I want to shrink him back down and rock him to sleep at night!

And she'll be getting a good old Mass liberal education. Good for her (as I long -again- for New England).

Maureen said...

Aw, so cute... love the bear idea! Try to get her photo every year on the first day of school; luckily we've lived in the same house for years and daughter's first day of school pictures have been taken in the exact same spot for 12 years now (from K to Grade 11 this year). Only 1 year left to get that special photo! It's amazing to see the years flash by so quickly.