30 September 2007

Soap Opera Sunday: Episode Five - Not Really An Ending

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The yellow light of the street lamp stretched almost all the way to the door, but not quite. N twisted the knob a few time to be sure, but it sure was locked, and good. She thought about her keys inside, on the kitchen table, had they really been gone that long? S was waiting for her and for the first time since she had started stalking liking him, she was afraid to screw it up. She had really loved talking to him and just walking around and it suddenly felt contrived to say, oh, oops, my car keys are locked inside, whatever shall I do?

But it wasn't planned, and say it she did.

S was living with a group of guys a few blocks away (a minor miracle in a town where nearly everyone lives miles and miles away from one another) so the two of them walked over to his place. N talked out her plan as they walked, "I'll come back for my car in the morning, it'll be fine, I'm not worried about it, are you sure this is okay? Should we wake them up? Your roommates won't mind, will they?" Nervous much, N?

They tiptoed up the creaky steps and eased open the door to the room that S shared with a friend to find, to their great relief – and then panic – that they were alone.

N excused herself to throw some water on her face in the bathroom. S threw a clean sheet on his single bed.

When N came back she was surprised to find that the electricity between the two of them seemed to have multiplied to a point where she was afraid of it a little bit. Every accidental touch sent a jolt through her body.

They got into the bed together and while not much sleeping went on that night, not much else did either. Between three-thirty and seven they held each other, kissed once before "falling asleep" and spent the night each absorbed with proximity of the other.

In the morning as N walked S to work and went back to get her car, she couldn't stop smiling.

* * * * *

Over the next month the two of them simply couldn't get enough of each other, and when the time came for N to move to Boston, move she did. The months that followed were full of late night phone calls and romantic love letters on fancy stationary until finally, S followed N to Boston and moved in with her. The fling that N had so carefully orchestrated had backfired completely - S wasn't going anywhere, or rather, he wasn't about to let N go anywhere without him.

A year later they discovered, much to their surprise, that they were going to have a baby. So N and S bid farewell to the big city and moved home to the country town where it had all begun to raise their family together among friends and grandparents.

* * * * *

This story hasn't ended yet, but that's all the drama there is for now.
Next week: something new!

- - - - -
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Thalia's Child said...

Aww! That's sweet!

soccer mom in denial said...

I'm all tingling inside. It is SOOOO romantic.

A child made of love, romance and passion.

Dana said...

Ooh, and then there were three! Can't wait to see what happens next.

Fourier Analyst said...

What a sweet story. And there is no ending yet? That has to be good news! YAY S.O.S.!

Goofball said...

cool :-). Love is in the air!!

Hey I am just back from a vacation in apparently the region you've lived (or are living).

Brillig said...

Oh, you've explained the electricity of that night so well, I'm all goose-bumpy. Beautiful story, Nell!

Dedee said...

That's awesome! And Sweet and all those good things.

Kate said...

hmm . . . very nicely written . . . will definitely be looking forward to next week's SOS! :)

Jen said...

Sounds like N and S are a match made in Heaven (or through stalking or something ;-) Lovely ending and I'm glad the story continues!

Kimberly said...

I love the way you described that...

Blue Momma said...

I'm loving your story. I just hate having to wait a week for the next installment!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Loving this story!!